Which Cincinnati Web Design Company Should You Choose?

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Looking for a web design company in Cincinnati? Whether your old site needs a makeover or you’re starting from scratch, a professional looking website is undoubtedly one of the most important business investments you can make.

Don’t just believe my word for it. Let’s get into the evidence.

Just like first impressions matter when you meet someone face to face, the first impression your website makes when an online visitor scans it plays a tremendous role in their future actions.

According to a study, you only have 50 milliseconds to impress your audience with your website’s visual appeal.

Think about that: Not even 1 second goes by before your website’s appearance is judged!

Plus, another study found that website first impressions are 94% design related.

The evidence is undeniable: attractive web design is critical to shining a positive light on your business.

And another study found that the more visually appealing the website it is, the longer the visitor stays on your website.

I’m not surprised, are you?

To sum it up, effective web design influences the first impression and the duration of the visit to your online pages. It’s obvious to conclude that impressing the visitor and keeping them on your site longer increases the odds you convert them from web visitors to paying customers.

Meaning web design directly translates—and plays a major role—in the profitability of your business.

With real dollars to be won or lost based on the quality of your website, you shouldn’t trust yourself or your nephew to throw together C- level work.

You need an outstanding online appearance designed by professionals.

So who should you hire? This article is going to help you find the best Cincinnati web design company for your business website.

Qualities To Look For In A Web Design Company

All web design companies are not the same.

Some won’t listen to your vision for the site, some add no business sense in their design, others won’t have the skills to deliver a timely project, and some are unqualified on all fronts.

Avoid wasting your time and budget.

Instead, follow the three step process below to find the perfect company for your web design project.

1. Look at their website portfolio

First things first: Always ask a web design company you’re thinking about hiring for a sample of 3-5 websites they’ve done for previous clients.

This gives you an understanding for how experienced, credible, and skilled a company is at designing a website before you ever sign something. This is the single best way to weed out the contenders from the pretenders and get a feel for who can truly fulfill your project needs.

There’s a big difference in web design quality needed to build a personal blog compared to a national insurance company that sells millions of dollars a year through its website.

Better to know the company’s quality of work now than get a surprise after you sign them that they can’t deliver what you need done.

Another qualification method is to ask them how many years members of their team have spent building websites. I’d be skeptical if the person doing your site hasn’t been in this space for at least a few years.

Once you confirm a company has a solid portfolio and experience to deliver what you want done, next you need to look at their business mindset.

2. Evaluate their business sense

A beautiful website is important, don’t get me wrong. I’ll be the first person to argue about the value of visual design.

But keep in mind you’re looking for a business website that’s going to help your company make more money.

That’s why a common mistake of some web developers is to only build the most aesthetically pleasing sites—while forgetting to consider how traffic will interact with the site, where the company can gather leads, and how to optimize features to maximize in store or online sales.

Amazing graphic design and images can’t ever make up for poor business strategy. A site that doesn’t lead visitors down a road to visit in store, give their email, fill out a form, or buy right then and there is a huge missed opportunity.

You need both visually pleasing pages and a conversion-focused layout (with the strategy mentioned in the sentence) to grow your business. That’s an absolute must in this age.

So if you find yourself gong any entire conversation without the web design company asking you about your business and the sales purposes of the website, you’re talking to the wrong company and should look elsewhere.

At Illumen Media, we design all of our client’s websites with an eye for what’s going to convert the most traffic into sales. We know the website isn’t about winning a design award, but convincing visitors to go from curious potential clients to paying customers.

Without any business acumen behind the design process, the website can look pretty but it misses the main point: to bring more cash flow into the company.

Watch out for web design companies that don’t have business knowledge.

3. Get a fair website quote and timeline

Say by now you’ve found a qualified website design team that is also business savvy.

It’s time for the difficult conversation. Because they can be the best designers and smartest business thinkers on the planet, but you’re going to have a heart attack when they ask you to pay your company’s entire annual revenue up front.

To avoid any surprises and misunderstandings, you need to get a quote of the project cost to see if you’re on the same page price wise as the Cincinnati web design company.

Price shouldn’t be the ultimate deciding factor since better designed sites bring in multiples more revenue. Though it does need to be in a reasonable ballpark so you can make a positive return on investment of this new website cost.

With a fair price in hand, the last hoop to jump is figuring out if your new website can be published in your desired timeline.

Different web designers have faster and slower work rates plus more or less human resources to throw at the project, which could drag out the completion date for weeks or months.

For businesses that need a website up fast to launch a new franchise location, for example, ensuring the project will be completed in time for the marketing rollout is critical.

Just understand your business and how important the turnaround time is before signing a company that can’t deliver a finished website that you need.

If a company says it’ll take a month longer than you need done to finish a website, you’d be wise to go elsewhere with your project.

Finish this step by finding a fair quote and website finishing timeline that both make sense for your business. With enough web design companies out there, don’t settle for an unfair price or unreasonable project completion schedule.

Final Web Design Thoughts

Hire your nephew to design one of the single most important customer facing assets of your business or rush this web design selection process, and the growth of your business will take a significant hit.

We recommend you don’t do either.

Instead, we encourage you to ask plenty of questions so you have enough information to select the right Cincinnati web design company given your needs and values.

And remember to ask relevant questions as you go through the three step process below to find a winning company:

  1. Look at their website portfolio
  2. Evaluate their business sense
  3. Get a fair website quote and timeline

As your digital forefront, the design of your website plays the most important visual role of your entire business.

A well-designed site convinces potential customers to buy. A poorly designed site does the opposite and causes visitors to quickly click out of your page to visit and spend their money with your competitors.

Make sure you’re maximizing your business’ profits by picking the right Cincinnati web design company!

It’ll make all the difference in the world to grow your company.

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