We Took A Cincinnati Chiropractor From 0 To 1,000s Of Views In 3 Months

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You know why getting traffic to your business website is important? It’s not about the traffic at all.

Website visitors matter because along with them come highly interested leads who are ready—on the spot—to buy from your business.

Every business owner with an ounce of ambition is looking to grow their company, right?

One way you grow an organization by 200%, 500%, or 1,000% or more every year, is by increasing your traffic—specifically your local SEO traffic. This singular objective will send more leads, customers, and sales to your business.

Because when you break it down, marketing is always the same: Higher visibility equals higher profits.

And that’s the formula whether you sell ecommerce products, services, or you’re a flower shop where customers can only call in or visit your store to purchase.

When you get thousands of more visitors to your site, then you’ll add thousands of dollars to your business bank account.

That’s exactly what we accomplished for this local Cincinnati chiropractor.

See how the process came together from start to finish to learn valuable takeaways that you can implement for your company.

How We Sent Traffic To This Cincinnati Chiropractor

1. Designed A Sales-Focused Website


First things first, it makes no sense to send thousands of visitors to a website if the design is not making a positive first impression and convincing visitors to take actions, such as: call now, submit a form, or sign up for your email list.

You need a website that’s built with sales in mind to convert your traffic into paying customers.

Otherwise, you’ll be spinning your wheels to attract traffic, only to get little to no business gains from the work. That’s not rewarding.

What is sweet is when your website is a money-making machine that works 24 hours, 7 days a week, to grow your business.

So what did we do for this chiropractor and how can you get there? It takes a fundamental understanding of what factors increase conversions.

In my experience growing a six-figure digital marketing company in just 5 months, I know the best converting websites have these factors:

  • Their overall appearance is clean and simple
  • Their headlines clearly state who they are and what they do
  • Their call-to-action text and button placement is compelling
  • Their support information screams credibility and trust
  • Their contact forms are short to limit friction

Take a look at how our Illumen web design team built this website.

There’s a clear call-to-action in the top right header.  Another button is in the featured slider image. And at the bottom of the page is another contact form, giving visitors at least three chances to take a step to schedule an appointment.

If a customer has a bad back or neck and is remotely interested, they’re more likely to take the step to call this chiropractor based on our button placements.

2. Identified Profitable Keywords


Know why some local business websites rank high on Google and their doors are flooded with new customers?

It’s because they’ve optimized their website with keywords that their target audience searches. Then Google recognizes these keywords on their site, and ranks their pages for said keyword.

Essentially Google’s job is to show the websites that best match the keyword phrase to the consumer’s search.

The smart business owners identify the keywords that their average customer searches for to find a business like theirs, then edits the heading and paragraph text on the site to match the keyword.

But ranking for competitive keywords is a tightly competitive and never ending challenge. Plus, good luck targeting a one word keyword or national keywords if you’re starting from scratch. That can take 3 to 5 years to get any traffic.

Instead, it’s all about local SEO, in other words ranking on the first page of Google for strategic keywords with the name of your city or town in the keyword phrase.

For example, the odds your website ranks for the word “BBQ restaurant” is close to zero. However, if your building is located in the town of Mason, Ohio, you have much better odds of ranking for the keyword “Mason BBQ restaurant”.

And unless you have an ecommerce store, it doesn’t help your business if someone across the country finds your local business. They’re not going to drive from Texas to Mason, Ohio to eat your BBQ—that’s absurd.

We did this exact approach to rank our case study client by targeting keywords like “Cincinnati chiropractor” to put his business in front of people whose bodies were aching.

As we all know, it doesn’t help a local business (who doesn’t sell ecommerce) if they get a website lead from an individual across the country. That’s why local SEO remained our focus to rank this particular business.

3. Wrote High-Quality Content


Nothing moves the traffic needle like solid content for your audience. It’s the oxygen of any marketing strategy, including this local SEO case study.

As long as the content is there on your business website in some fashion, the material can come in any form: written blog post, recorded audio podcast, or a video.

It’s not good enough to get up any material, what you put on your site needs to be meaningful.

Your business website’s content should either educate, entertain, or excite your audience to get them coming back for more. And you shouldn’t make these business blogging mistakes.

For example, if you sell a complicated service or product, do an explainer piece of content that walks people through exactly how to setup and use your offering.

With our chiropractor, we had one of our in-house writers publish two 1,000 word posts a week. The blog post titles covered topics like Is Chiropractic Care Safe? to What’s The #1 Solution For Neck Pain Relief? and so on.

Since the only clients who would come in were around 10 miles or less from his office, it didn’t matter about national or global exposure. We utilized Cincinnati local SEO strategies in the blog posts to rank our chiropractor’s site on Google and get it in front of people in a 15 mile radius to his office.

Not only did these posts educate the local community, but in the conclusion of every article, we wrote a call-to-action for the readers to schedule an appointment with this chiropractor.

That’s a great example of giving 99% value and then asking for a sale at the end.

We also did a post that promoted other non-cpompeting local businesses in the area to build up some goodwill for their brand. These businesses shared the post and linked to it, which expanded the post’s reach.

Quality content will always send traffic to your website, always.

4. Utilized Internal Linking


A link from one page of the Internet to another page is a boost in SEO juice for the page receiving the link. That’s precisely why external links are so valuable since they tip off Google to rank your site higher.

However, getting a few external links is often hard to come by in itself. It takes serious effort and patience to see receive just one or two links this way.

Good thing there’s another solution: internal linking. These are pages that link from one page or post of your website to another page on your same site.

As you may have guessed, they also make a significant difference for your SEO and website traffic goals.

We decided that the focus pages for this chiropractor were the homepage and the Chiropractic Services page. For many of the articles we wrote on his site, we’d link back to one of these pages—all the while helping their individual SEO score.

Pro tip: Don’t link random words back to your main landing pages. Instead it’s far more effective to use the keywords you discovered in the previous step, to link back to the main page you want to rank higher on Google.

For example, in our efforts to rank our local SEO services, I’d link those words since they accurately tell Google what that page is about. That action will get our Local SEO page indexed higher compared to linking the words “click here” or “services”.

Also, don’t try to game the system by linking every single post on your site to a main page. Google will easily sniff this out. And you may even get moved down in the rankings for that spammy move.

Internally link to your main pages, naturally, and your search engine traffic will consistently grow.

5. Collected Online Reviews


Online reviews on listings like Google, Yelp, and Facebook are like the new word of mouth.

People back in the day would go out on their porch or to their local diner to discuss with neighbors the local businesses and their service quality. That’s how you’d find out if Bob’s Dry Cleaners were worth the money or a ripoff.

Nowadays, consumers check business listings like Google My Business to get the inside scoop before they choose where to hand over their money.

On these listings, they immediately check out your reviews and customer feedback, without having to leave their bedroom.

Then, a lot of times, they decide, right then and there, what company to buy from. If your online reviews are numersome and positive, you put yourself in position to win the customer over.

With a low total or a negative star rating, you’re company is not even a consideration anymore. You’ve lost out on them and their money.

Don’t believe me? Consider this: Over 80% of consumers value online reviews with the same weight as personal recommendations from their friends and family. That’s 8 out of 10 people—insane!

In our work with this chiropractor, we made review cards, an email list push, and word-of-mouth efforts to gain this business reviews on Google and Facebook.

Basically, we tried every reasonable strategy to rake in as many reviews as possible, because we sensed the importance for a local business like theirs.

Guess what happened. Over time, we started to see more people get referred from these listings and Google Maps.

That’s what happens when local business marketing is done right!

The takeaway is to never get lazy in your efforts to bring in more Google reviews from customers.

Because over time, it’ll be a fivefold increase in profits. And, if you’re fortunate, these reviews can become the backbone of your marketing for years.

Use Local SEO To Bring In More Customers

Just as we ranked this Cincinnati chiropractor in a matter of months through local search marketing, you can rank your local business. I guarantee results if you execute and stay focused.

Maybe the best advantage of search engine optimization is that the results are exponential. Meaning you can put as much time into it now as you do six months from now, but the results will be a high multiplier better than month one.

That could look like this: month one you only bring in 61 views to your website, but month three you have 1170 views, in month six your business site jumps to 2,000 views, only to rake in 7,000 views a month in month 12.

That’s only a year out. This equation multiplies higher with the more effort you put into your SEO channel over the years.

Just imagine the damage you can do in three to five years.

Some day, you may get to the point where you never need to pay for advertising again because the combination of Google searches and your website traffic gives you all the business you could ever need.

Don’t be surprised when that happens.

But first, take action like your business’ survival depends on it—because it kind of does—and then you will start to rank for the profitable keywords that will bring you more business.

If you don’t know much about search engine optimization (SEO) or don’t have the time, consider working with us to get top notch results.

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