40 Unbelievable Email Marketing Stats Prove It’s Thriving Into 2018

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The first email was sent in 1971. There must be newer technology since then to help businesses communicate better and sell more to their audience, right? Not so fast.

Ever heard the phrase, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? That describes email marketing perfectly.

Because it’s a workhorse at building customer relationships, establishing trust, education, and then selling to consumers.

Email marketing is like that old American muscle truck—regardless of age, miles, and rust, it continues to deliver in the clutch day after day.

Let me ask you this. Is your business collecting emails from customers? Are there email captures on your website? And are you actively sending personalized emails to your audience at least once a week?

Any company that’s not doing what I listed above has a major hole in their marketing strategy and their overall business plan.

From analyzing the email marketing stats below, it’s obvious that there are hundreds of thousands of dollars to be made from this.

40 Stats Show The Power Of Email Marketing

After reading this data, you won’t question the power of email marketing when it comes to growing your business. It’s a 100%, no doubt about it, no-brainer for every business.

1. Every $1 spent on email marketing produces $44 in return

This stat is probably the most convincing to business owners not using email marketing. Put $1,000 into emails and get a ROI of $44,000. Put in $10,000, get out $440,000. Put in $100,000, produce $4,440,000. It’s easy money!

2. 58% of adults wake up and immediately check their email

What better than your business being top of mind to start the day? A simple early morning email can plant the seed for your customers to buy from you later in the day. And imagine the power a breakfast or lunch joint has to get their customers craving their food before they’re out of bed.

3. Sending welcome emails to subscribers increases engagement by 33%

Thinking once a subscriber joins your list then you can just email them in the same cadence as the rest of your email list? You thought wrong. An introductory welcome message sharing what your company is about, what kind of emails they can expect, and maybe a generous offer will keep this subscriber interacting with your company.

4. Welcome emails generate 320% more revenue than regular emails

Another strong welcome email statistic proves this is not just about engagement—real dollars come from this savvy move. So link to your product page in the middle of the welcome email, and stats show your new email subscriber is three times more likely to buy from you.

5. 59% of B2B marketers report email is their best revenue-generating channel

Professional B2B marketers across the board know the hand that feeds them, it’s called email. However, marketers aren’t business owners, and these owners don’t capitalize on it to their own detriment. If you own a business, it pays to step into the light on this.

6. Email is 40 times better at converting people than Facebook and Twitter

Social media is the big buzz today—as it should be for its unique marketing powers—but once a customer is on your email list you’re far more likely to get them to buy than these two social platforms. If I had to bet, it’s because when they read your email it’s the only thing on their screen compared to scattered social media feeds with text, pictures, and videos in every which way.

7. US marketers found email had a median ROI of 122%, which is more than four times higher than paid search, social media, and direct mail

Paid search, social media, and direct mail are all effective marketing methods by all means. Though they may be most effective at driving consumers to join your email list based on this stat. Email more than pays for itself!

8. More people read their email on mobile than desktop

If email were dying, it wouldn’t have evolved so well to mobile phones, but it has. More emails are read—54% of total—on mobile devices now than desktop computers and web-based email programs. Also keep this mobile stat in mind while designing your email campaigns. The formatting needs to be responsive for all devices.

9. 72.9% of 18-24 year olds say they use their smartphones to check email

Have a brand that’s targeting young adults? If you put in the work to get them on your email list, they will read your emails during the day. The harder part is marketing to them to join your email list.

10. Just 7% of small and medium-size businesses use email for brand building

The opportunity is there to build your brand through email marketing. While your competition is always going right to sell, your business can go left to build your brand. Send educational, entertaining, or provocative emails to boost brand awareness. Then you’ll have an audience ready to buy when you eventually ask for a sale.

11. Businesses are 6 times more likely to get a click-through from an email than a tweet

Twitter is excellent as a customer service and brand awareness tool for businesses. But when it comes to business results like getting consumers to your website where they can order from you, email dominates Twitter.

12. 80% of professional retailers say email marketing is their best method for customer retention

If 4 out of 5 pros come to a consensus, that supermajority can’t be too far off about email’s effectiveness in building customer retention. Do it yourself and you’ll see the results speak for themselves and fatten up your company bank account.

13. Nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than leads that aren’t nurtured

You might make more short-term profits going for the sale right away, but in the long haul it’s far more profitable to first provide some value to your leads. Businesses who are patient and in it for the long game will 100% win.

14. 42.3% of Americans say they sign up for email lists to get discounts and savings

Want to please your audience? Send them discounts every once in awhile for being a loyal subscriber. What’s even smarter is to incentivize people to sign up for your newsletter on your website and in the store by promoting the fact email subscribers receive exclusive promotions.

15. Consumers who buy products marketed through email, spend 138% more than people that do not receive email offers

Who knows why, but email’s super power is getting consumers to spend more than they normally would have. That’s reason 15 to add this asset to your marketing approach or be a fool.

16. Plain text emails produce the highest open rate

We always stress this point to our clients at Illumen Media. Because what kind of email do you send your family, friends, and co-workers? A plain text email. Fancy formatting gets in the way of itself when it comes to open rates and business results.

17. 20.9% of people check their email more than 5 times per day

It’s pretty promising that one fifth of email users are guaranteed to see your email the day it’s sent based on their high frequency to check their inbox. And for these people, that’s five opportunities to read and engage with your email.

18. Emails with videos receive 96% higher click-through rates than emails without them

This one doesn’t surprise me since I’m super high on video and its ability to persuade consumers to take a specific action. Video just demands attention like nothing else. Use it in your business emails and you won’t be disappointed.

19. Consumers check their mobile phone up to 150 times a day

It’s safe to bet that most people have phone notifications turned on, and when you couple that with people checking their phone 150 times a day, it’s a safe bet that the majority of your company’s emails will be read minutes from the send time. This seemingly instant access to your audience should be appreciated.

20. 49% of small businesses send emails without using email marketing data

Stop throwing up a prayer on your email campaigns just guessing what will work. Your email open rates, clicks, and sales will improve when you analyze the performance of previous campaigns and adjust. Experiment until you find email subjects, times of day, and content that works best given your list.

21. Ecommerce companies who send multiple emails to abandoned cart consumers are 2.4 times as likely to get the sale than if they send one follow up email

You’ve put in the work or paid to get a consumer to your cart page, why give up on them and their abandoned cart? Don’t, instead send them a few automated follow up emails to give them the little push they need to buy what they almost did earlier.

22. 20% of shoppers convert if the company reminds them within an hour regarding their abandoned carts

This execution is more technical, but if you can set up an automated email that sends the abandoned cart to the consumer then you’ll receive 20% more purchases right then and there. It pays to be smart and use automation!

23. Most people prefer to promotional content through email over social media

Give the people what they want: content marketing to their inbox, not their social media news feed. This three-step process works: build up an audience on social media, get then to subscribe, send them promotional content.

24. 27.1% say they prefer to receive marketing emails “once a week”

I’d say the sweet spot in email marketing is sending one every one to two weeks. If it’s more frequent you’re going to hurt open and click rates. Personally, I aim to send one a week to stay top of mind.

25. Sales emails have 8 times more opens and clicks, and can produce 6 times more money, than other types of email

Let’s break this down because it can get tricky. Sales emails are bomb, when done right and spread out between valuable content. Go for the sale every email and you’ll get killed. But do it right, and there’s a large payday to be made.

26. 34.5% of people will unsubscribe from marketing emails they opted into

This number goes to show how many people are quick to opt out when emails get too salesy and away from what they signed up for. Keep your emails full of value and limit the aggressive marketing for special occasions only.

27. B2C companies using email marketing automation have seen conversion rates as high as 50%

Small business owners are limited on payroll budget and often do email marketing themselves. But that’s a mistake when you can pay for email marketing automation and watch your sales skyrocket!

28. There will be 2.9 billion email users worldwide in 2019

Who knows how many users Facebook will have in 2019, but email will be right there with it in 2019. The point is your customers are on email and still actively using it. Businesses that use email as a marketing and sales weapon from now through 2019 are going to reap what they sow.

29. Employees spend an average of 13 working hours each week in their email inbox

B2B and B2C companies should salivate at this opportunity to reach workers during the work day. This proves you can still get people’s attention even if they’re at work. And let’s hope your employees aren’t wasting much time in their inbox during work hours.

30. People can multi-task while reading email—79% check on vacation, 69% check while watching TV, and 59% check in bed

People carry their phones everywhere nowadays, which means they also carry their inbox everywhere. Your company can take advantage of their multi-tasking by popping in their inbox at any time—just make sure it captures their attention to be worthy of their multi-tasking.

31. More than 86% of businesses say they plan to increase their email marketing budgets

This is good news and bad news: Companies are starting to get that email marketing works. They’re going to double down in efforts to grow their business. Are you?

32. 73% of millennials prefer to be contacted by brands through email

Whether your business specifically targets millennials or not, it’s a positive sign that email is preferred over other platforms. These young adults go to social media for entertainment and to escape their life for a minute, but when they open their inbox it means business.

33. 4.24% of visitors from email marketing buy something, which is more than the 2.49% of visitors from search engines and 0.59% from social media

If you feel pounded over the head with data showing email marketing produces sales more than other marketing channels, good—that’s the goal. And don’t think about that 4.24%, but think about growing your email list by the thousands so your revenue grows exponentially.

34. People spent 17% more time checking email in 2016

It can’t be a dying platform if the usage rate is only increasing. Keep sending those business emails and they will continue to be opened at a higher rate.

35. Click-through rates are 100.95% higher in segmented email campaigns than general ones

In case it’s unclear, a segmented email campaign puts an entire list campaign to shame. By tracking what page your subscribers opted into your newsletter, you’ll know the information they’re most interested in. All that’s left to do is cater it to them.

36. 41% of your customers look for new product updates and information in emails

It’s always easy to market to a consumer who knows what’s coming. With 41% of consumers looking for updates, you’d hurt their experience by not sending them product information and give them what they want when you do.

37. 89% of United States citizens check their email at least once a day

Though it’s a noisy world out there, email still breaks through people’s attention. There’s a good chance your email is seen, at least, given almost everyone in the US checks their email daily.

38. Email subscribers are 3 times more likely to share content on social media than visitors from other sources

You’d think emails weakness is it’s lack of viral ability since the communication is one to one. Apparently subscribers are able and ready to share content that comes to their inbox. A smart marketer will integrate their social media campaigns with email to maximize their reach.

39. Increasing their email marketing engagement rate is a top priority for 54% of marketers

It’s all about engagement because without it your emails don’t get opened, read, or clicked through to a website link. Plus, if you do invest in higher engagement, you’re getting a leg up on the 46% of businesses who aren’t focused on their email list engagement.

40. Messages are 5 times more likely to be seen in email than Facebook

Facebook is hectic. There are videos, pictures, political rants, drama-filled posts from friends, and ads all over the place. Email is nice and clean, it’s no wonder your message is better received there.

Grow Your Business With Email Marketing

Look, I wouldn’t advise you to focus on email marketing if the data out there disagreed with me. An abundance of stats prove it works so you have no excuse now not to make this a staple of your company’s marketing efforts.

Improve your website with email capture forms to quickly build a subscriber list. Possibly add an email capturing pop up form that appears the second visitors open a website page or are about to exit your website. And start collecting emails as part of the customer check out experience when they buy from you.

Over the next few months you’ll grow an email list of interested prospects and customers who want to stay updated with your business, special promotions, and other offers.

That’s how you grow your business through email marketing!

And if its effectiveness does eventually die down the road, you won’t sweat it because you’ll remember how much money your business made from this platform now, in 2018, and beyond.

But there’s no signs of email becoming obsolete. So let’s cross that bridge if it comes and invest in email marketing today.

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