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We Took A Cincinnati Chiropractor From 0 To 1,000s Of Views In 3 Months

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You know why getting traffic to your business website is important? It’s not about the traffic at all. Website visitors matter because along with them come highly interested leads who…


5 Smart Reasons To Hire A Cincinnati SEO Company

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Why should your company consider hiring a SEO company? It’s the same reason you’re in business: to make more money! When your website ranks higher on Google through effective search…


How Setting Up Google My Business Will Grow Your Company’s Revenue

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Setting up your company’s Google My Business listing is such an easy and effective way to grow your business’ revenue. So it blows my mind when businesses don’t have one…


Make Your Website Load Insanely Fast For Better SEO

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Knowing how to make your website faster is an extremely valuable skill for your customers experience, your SEO, and your online business revenue. It’s not just because slow websites are…

Don’t Use WordPress Without These 15 Must-Have Free Plugins

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With so many options, choosing the best WordPress plugins for your website can feel overwhelming. No WordPress website is complete without these 15 top free plugins. In pretty much every…


12 Thrifty Ways To Advertise A Small Business On A Budget

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Know you need to get the word out about your business but on a tight budget? We get it. And you’re not out of luck if advertising money is hard…


40 Unbelievable Email Marketing Stats Prove It’s Thriving Into 2018

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The first email was sent in 1971. There must be newer technology since then to help businesses communicate better and sell more to their audience, right? Not so fast. Ever…


Holiday Marketing: Don’t Miss Out On Your Best Sales Season

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Looking for holiday marketing ideas that will work in 2017? You’re in the right place. Don’t make a mistake by missing out on the consumer frenzy between Thanksgiving and New…


9 Business Blogging Mistakes That Cost Your Company Sales

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Do you have a company blog that publishes content? Great. What’s not good is costing your business sales with common blogging mistakes we’re going to cover. First off, you do…


Here’s How We’d Double Your Sales With Digital Marketing

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You’re already skeptical, I realize. I have a lot of work to do to convince you I’m not promoting a ridiculous get-rich-quick scheme here. What I can definitely assure you…


Got Your SEO Keyword? Here’s Exactly Where To Place It On Your Site

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If you know anything about search engine optimization, you’re aware that finding the right keywords is crucial to increasing online traffic to your business website. That’s ok if you didn’t…


Small Businesses Without Websites Will Go Extinct Like Dinosaurs

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Are you a small business without a website? Sorry to be a hater, but your business is in deep trouble of being extinct soon—like really soon. This isn’t the boy…


Which Cincinnati Web Design Company Should You Choose?

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Looking for a web design company in Cincinnati? Whether your old site needs a makeover or you’re starting from scratch, a professional looking website is undoubtedly one of the most…


5 Tactics That Will Quickly Increase Your Email List Subscribers

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Want to build a marketing funnel and business that lasts not only years, but decades? That has to be the goal. Because short-term success is cool—but it doesn’t hold the…

These 9 Cincinnati Restaurants Are Rocking Their Digital Marketing

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Are you looking for some solid digital marketing ideas for your restaurant? Look no further than these 9 Cincinnati restaurants who are killing the game.


The Ultimate List Of 60 Local Business Directories

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The number one goal of every local business has to be attaining new customers. One way to accomplish that is to list your business in online directories.


Why You’re Crazy If You Don’t Use Email Marketing

| Email Marketing | 3 Comments

The first-ever email was sent in 1971. Shouldn’t your business ditch this ancient technology for new channels like search marketing and social media marketing?


How Business Owners Can Build A Personal Brand To Attract More Customers

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Being a business owner, it’s easy to dismiss building a personal brand. But why make this mistake when your company’s growth may rely on it?


5 Effective Tactics To Market Your Local Business Online

| Reputation Management, Social Media | 2 Comments

As a business owner, it’s time you market your local business online or get out of the way for your competition to win the day and future.

Marketing a restaurant burger.

50 Digital Marketing Stats For The Restaurant Business

| Social Media, Trends | 2 Comments

The restaurants who are in the know win. So use these 50 digital marketing and social media stats to win over new customers.


10 Creative Facebook Giveaways To Jumpstart New Business

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Are you a small business owner who wants more attention for your business? (Who doesn’t?) Look no further than a Facebook giveaway to bring in new customers.


How Restaurants Can Use Social Media To Have A Line Outside Their Door

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Executing effective social media marketing for restaurants doesn’t have to be complicated. If you own a restaurant, listen up and start taking notes.


Why Twitter Must Be In Your Marketing Strategy

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Some naysayers have falsely said Twitter is dead for years now. But here’s why a Twitter marketing strategy for your business can win in 2017 and beyond.

Why You Need To Use WordPress For Your Business Website

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If you aren’t using WordPress for your business website, there’s a huge chance you’re wasting time. Read on to learn why WordPress is the way to go.


11 Methods You Need To Drive Engagement On Facebook Posts

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It’s no fun to publish a Facebook post that gets 2 likes and 0 comments. But fear not, you’ll learn how to drive Facebook post engagement right here, right now.


5 Restaurants Serving Hot & Fresh Social Media Success

| Social Media | 2 Comments

Do you want to market your restaurant more effectively and build your business? Then it’s smart to study other restaurants’ success with social media marketing.


Grow Your Small Business Online Presence Like A Champ

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The Internet is a critical and mandatory component of any small business marketing strategy. Are you getting the most out of your online presence?


9 Ways To Update Your Business Website Out Of The Stone Age

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Could your website use a facelift? Update your website to the 21st century with these 9 simple strategies.


25 Tips To Make Your Business Facebook Page Not Suck

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There are far too many business Facebook pages that just—well, suck. Let’s review 25 tips to help your business get the most out of your Facebook presence.


Which Social Media Is Best For Marketing?

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As a small business with limited resources, it certainly helps to know which is the best social media platform for marketing.


15 Instagram Audience Growth Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know

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If you’re a business owner not using these Instagram follower growth hacks, you’re most likely leaving a bunch of immediate and future money on the table.


How To Respond To Online Reviews: Don’t Screw It Up

| Reputation Management | 2 Comments

How you respond to online reviews can be the difference between thousands of dollars of lost or earned business. Don’t screw it up.


20 Tips To Increase Search Engine Traffic Like A Pro

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Do you realize that a significant increase in search engine traffic can completely change the growth of your business?


Use Facebook Stories For Business Marketing

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Just when you felt overwhelmed about marketing your business and staying relevant, another tool comes out: Facebook Stories.


11 Social Media Mistakes That Hurt Your Business

| Social Media | 2 Comments

These social media mistakes seriously hurt your business. We’d like to teach you how to fix them immediately.


15 Benefits Of Social Media Marketing For Small Businesses

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Want to know the benefits of social media marketing and how to get more customers? At least 87% of marketers have questions about social media marketing.