We are obsessed with growing businesses at lightspeed. That’s our oxygen. Sure blockbuster branding is important, but our x-factor is the sales and return on investment we deliver for our clients. When a new client signs us, we hustle doing their marketing until 3 AM like we’ve come on as a loyal partner rather than just a hired hand. Our clients love working with us, and more importantly the results we produce.

Brian Robben’s insane work ethic fuels his professional accomplishments. He has written 3 Amazon bestselling books, authoring his first book at 22 years old. Brian explosively grew his website TakeYourSuccess.com in two years to over half a million yearly pageviews, earning features on Fox, AOL.com, and other major publications. He enjoys inspiring other hustlers and built a community of over 59,000 Instagram followers and 15,000 Twitter followers. Now Brian is committed to building Illumen Media into a digital marketing powerhouse that delivers elite results for clients.

Kyle Gundrum is a digital Jedi. He taught himself how to code when he was 10 years old, earned a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems, and master’s degree in Information Technology. He worked in a highly selective IT leadership program for one of the largest companies on the globe. He serves as executive director of a million-dollar non-profit that promotes IT careers to high school students, with which he has been involved for a decade. Now Kyle is working relentlessly to use his experience to make our clients money, save them time, and cut their costs.